Dallas Football Elite is an American Firm

This is a new concept that we are bringing to MLS soccer. We are FC Dallas’ new and independent firm. Please do not confuse our Firm with the British concept of a firm. We exist to provide FC Dallas with a new generation of FC Dallas Soccer fans. We strive to bring a core group of fans with the ultimate goal of bringing large numbers of new fans to Pizza Hut Park! We do not support hooliganism, nor are we Hooligans. We have chosen to take on the name of a “firm,” to show that we are more than a fan club i.e. supporter group, of FC Dallas. We believe in what FC Dallas stands for and what they have to offer. Our members both male and female consider themselves to be a new generation of ultimate fan hood for FC Dallas.

Our Mission Statement

We, Dallas Football Elite, are dedicated and actively working to bring new and loyal fans to FC Dallas by creating a true soccer atmosphere for the real soccer fan.

Our main goal is to make the Match Day environment more enjoyable and exciting for all FC Dallas fans that choose to participate with Dallas Football Elite, aka “DFE!”

This is accomplished by recruiting like-minded fans, tailgating before matches, and creating an atmosphere that all real sports fans – especially soccer fans – want to be a part of. We will sit behind the opposing team at Pizza Hut Park with the sole purpose being to heckle and remind them that they are on the road in a hostile environment.


American Soccer Firm or known as ASF’s are a new concept that has been brought to Major League soccer. Please do not confuse an American Soccer Firm with the British concept of a firm. American Soccer Firms do not support hooliganism, nor are they Hooligans. They choose to take on the term firm to represent that they are more serious than a fan club. American Soccer Firms are also not Ultras.

American Soccer Firms exist to provide their club with a new generation of fan hood by supporting their club through a less fanatical approach. American Soccer Firms latch on to a pub as their home ground and support their local soccer team through organizing watching parties at the pub, or attending the matches.

ASF’s focus on their reputation in the community as well as forming a strong bond with the club they are supporting. American Soccer Firms try and work with the club to help bring new fans to the club by creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable for everyone.

Behavioral tendency of ultras groups includes the use of flares (primarily in tifo choreography), vocal support in large groups and the displaying of banners at football stadiums, all of which are designed to create an atmosphere which encourages their own team and intimidates opposing players and supporters. ASF’s focus is more on the match and supporting the club through means of heckling the opposing players.

American Soccer Firms are open to all members from all backgrounds and provide different atmospheres so that every member can enjoy the experience in their own way.